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Try the Roblox to USD Calculator ↗, which converts Robux to USD and USD to Robux based on purchase prices.


  1. Developers must exchange a minimum of 30,000 Robux at the DevEx portal.
  2. As of the last update to this tool, it is based on the exchange rate of R$10000 = US$35.
  3. There may be charges on the amounts based on the payment methods you choose.

Welcome to the Roblox DevEx Calculator!

Roblox offers a Developer Exchange (DevEx) scheme via which developers can exchange their earned Robux for real money (USD). Our DevEx calculator helps you (the developer) calculate the amount of USD you will get after exchanging your earned Robux through this program.

In the DevEx scheme, developers can create in-game experiences, cosmetics, and other items and earn Robux when other players buy them. Of course, developers must meet certain criteria, which can be found on the official FAQ page.

DevEx Calculator Guide

There are two ways this tool can be used. The first way is when you want to know how much money you will receive after exchanging your earned Robux, and the second way is when you want to know how much Robux you need to accumulate to earn your desired amount of money.

Let’s understand both approaches with easy examples.

💡Example 1

Suppose you have earned a total of 50,000 Robux through your creations on Roblox, and you want to know how much real money this converts to.

To calculate it, simply enter 50,000 in the “Robux Earned” field of the calculator, and it will automatically show you $175, which is the amount you will get.

💡Example 2

Now, suppose you want to know the amount of Robux you need to accumulate to earn $500. To calculate the required Robux, simply change the value of the “Earning in USD” field to 500, and the tool will automatically show you that you need 142,857 Robux.

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Disclaimer: This tool was not officially launched or reviewed by Roblox. Users should take its outputs as approximations only.

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