Robux To USD Calculator (With USD To Robux)


If you are looking for the Roblox DevEx Calculator ↗, it has been shifted to a new dedicated page. The DevEx tool is for Roblox game developers who earn Robux through their games. They can calculate the amount of USD they will receive after exchanging their earned Robux.


  1. $0.99 is rounded off to $1 in the Robux packages.
  2. This calculator is based on the purchase values for Robux.
  3. The standard in-game Robux packages are considered for the purchase prices.

Welcome to the fantastic Robux-USD Converter tool!

If you are searching for a simple calculator that can calculate the money (in USD) you need to purchase a certain amount of Robux (Roblox’s in-game currency), then this tool is for you. Moreover, if you want to know how much Robux you can purchase with a certain amount of money (in USD), you can do this too.

For this, the tool has two modes: 1) Robux to USD Calculator; and 2) USD to Robux Calculator. Users also often call it the Robux to Money Converter.

Let’s see how you can use this fantastic tool to get the most out of your Robux purchases.

Robux-USD Calculator Guide

Mode 1: Robux to USD

In the Robux to USD converter mode, you put the amount of Robux (R$) in the input field, and the tool automatically shows you its purchase value in USD. That is, the amount of USD calculated is the cost price of the specified Robux amount when you purchase Robux via the in-game purchase center or gift cards.


Suppose you want to get 1000 Robux and you want to know its value in USD. Simply enter 1000 in the input field, and it will show you that its actual value in USD is $12.50. However, there is no guarantee that you can buy exactly 1000 Robux because, usually, Robux is available in packages.

The most interesting part of this Robux to Dollars calculator is that it shows you the optimum price for the specified amount of Robux. In this example, $12.50 is the cheapest possible price at which you can acquire 1000 Robux.

Mode 2: USD to Robux

The USD to Robux converter mode allows you to calculate the maximum possible amount of Robux you can purchase with the specified amount of money (in USD). Simply put your budget (in USD) into the input field, and the tool will automatically show you the amount of Robux you can acquire for that money, given that you make wise purchases.


Suppose you have saved $80 from your pocket money that you can spend on purchasing Robux. Now, you want to know how much Robux you can get for $80. Simply switch this Roblox currency converter tool to “USD to Robux” mode through the dropdown and put 80 in the input field.

The calculator will automatically show you that you can buy 7,000 Robux for just $80.

How the Tool Calculates Robux and USD?

Our Robux-USD Converter tool considers Roblox’s in-game Robux purchase packages, which are as below:

Robux buying packages
Robux purchase packages | Image via Roblox
  1. $0.99 (~$1) = 80 Robux
  2. $4.99 (~$5) = 400 Robux
  3. $9.99 (~$10) = 800 Robux
  4. $19.99 (~$20) = 1,700 Robux
  5. $49.99 (~$50) = 4,500 Robux
  6. $99.99 (~$100) = 10,000 Robux
  7. $199.99 (~$200) = 22,500 Robux

Here, it is clearly understandable that purchasing a higher Robux package is cheaper. For example, if one purchases the 4,500 Robux package twice, he will get 9,000 Robux for a total of $100 (2*50). While he can directly buy the 10,000 Robux package for the same amount, i.e., $100. Here, purchasing the higher package will give him an extra 1,000 Robux.

Taking this scenario into account, our tool is designed to calculate the maximum amount of Robux for the minimum amount of dollars spent.

This clearly shows that to buy maximum Robux with minimum dollars spent, you cannot rely on a constant rate of 1 Robux = $0.0125, as many gamers still consider this rate by seeing $5 = 400 Robux. If we consider this rate, the price of 10,000 Robux will be $125, but the actual price is $100. This fault is completely addressed by our tool.

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