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  1. The Roblox level ranges from 0 to 100. Getting near 100 is very, very tough 🙂
  2. The Roblox level is relative to time (in days), thus it may be different today and tomorrow.
  3. It measures the overall level of a player’s Roblox profile, not specific to a game.
  4. This is the first version (v1.0) of Jaiswal’s Roblox Level Calculator. Please give us feedback (through comment below or direct email) to improve this tool.

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What is Roblox Level Calculator?

A Roblox Level Calculator is a formula-based tool that takes a Roblox profile’s key statistics as input and gives a single numerical value called the Roblox level.

The obtained Roblox level indicates how good, experienced, and well-engaged a Roblox player and/or developer is. It should be noted that our tool measures the overall level of a Roblox profile, not a specific Roblox game.

Users can understand the estimated Roblox level as a rating between 0 and 100 to their Roblox accounts based on some crucial statistics.

How to use Jaiswal’s Roblox Level Calculator?

To begin calculating your Roblox level, your Roblox account must be at least one day old and you must have earned at least one badge. If you meet this criteria, let’s see how you can calculate your level:

Step 1: At first, select the Join Date of your Roblox account. You can find this information at the bottom of your Roblox profile.

Step 2: Subsequently, input the total number of badges you have collected playing different games. You can manually count badges by using simple math. That is the total number of badges = (No. of badges in one full page) x (Total number of full pages) + No. of badges on the partially filled page

Step 3: Now, input the total number of “Place Visits” your places have received. Usually, game developers have more Place Visits. You can find this statistic at the bottom of your Roblox profile, alongside of Join Date.

Step 4: Now, input the total number of followers you have on your Roblox profile. It is visible at the top of the Roblox profile.

Step 5: Then, input the total number of friends you have on Roblox. This data is also available at the top of the Roblox profile, alongside follower count.

Step 6: Lastly, hit the “Calculate” button and your Roblox level will be shown in the middle up to three decimal places.

Wanna share your recently calculated Roblox Level? Simply input your Roblox username (optional) and hit the “Download Snapshot” button to save a fresh snapshot. Share it on your social handles and with friends to let them know how you are in Roblox.

How does Jaiswal’s Roblox Level Formula work?

Jaiswal’s Roblox level formula/calculator is based on the following five factors:

  1. Roblox Account’s Age (in days)
  2. Badges earned
  3. Place visits received
  5. Friends

These factors are prioritized differently, so are given different weights to constitute a final “Roblox Level.”

Here is an idea of how each factor is weighted:

Account ageModerate
Badge countHigh (with account age)
Place VisitsModerate
Followers Moderate (with Place Visits)
FriendsLow (with badges)
Factors are associated with each other

The Roblox level tool estimates the level of Roblox accounts relative to their age (in days). For example, if someone sets impressive stats such as badges in notably less time than the one who does this taking notably longer time, the former account will have a higher level.

Therefore, it is vital to keep solid statistics as Roblox account age increases in order to earn a better level. You cannot relax for days or weeks by setting some impressive statistics once. The level will gradually decrease if stats (except account age) remain constant.

The dynamic nature of our Roblox Level formula is because of the following considerations:

  1. Badges are assessed in relation to account age (in days): If a player collects more badges on a relatively new account, his Roblox level will be higher than the one with an older account with the same number of badges. However, if the player is not able to increase his badge count in subsequent days, his level will drop.
  2. Follower count is assessed in relation to Place Visits: Typically, a Roblox player/developer with more Place Visits has more followers; thus if this holds true for a Roblox profile, its “follower count” will play a more significant role; however, if someone has received notably high Place Visits but has notably fewer followers, his “follower count” will play a less significant role in determining the Roblox level.
  3. Friend count is assessed in relation to badge count: Having more badges indicates that the player has played a lot of games. This naturally implies that the player should also have a relatively increased number of friends. Such players’ “friend count” plays a more significant role in getting to a higher level.

Note: Badge, Follower, and Friend counts are evaluated slightly relative to account age, place visits, and badge count, respectively. All factors have their own individual vital importance in calculating the final level.

Tips to improve Roblox Level

Here are some tips to improve your Jaiswal Roblox Level:

  1. Collect more badges in less time.
  2. Build interesting places that attract more players to visit them and follow you.
  3. Make more friends on the platform.
  4. Become a Roblox streamer to gain popularity and followers.
  5. Try to maintain all five statistics reasonable simultaneously. Gaining millions of followers with just a couple of thousands of Place Visits and/or Badges will not give you an excellent level.

Are Jaiswal and Clockwork’s Roblox Level Calculators different?

Yes, Jaiswal’s Roblox Level formula/calculator is completely different from the one developed by Clockwork.

Clockworks’ calculator was one of the earliest Roblox Level calculators on the internet but has been down for many years now.

S. Jaiswal derived a completely new formula based on the aforementioned factors. The new formula is designed to be more dynamic and relevant so that players can assess their in-game account’s progress with respect to the current date.

You May Want To Know

1) Is there any official Roblox Level System?

No, there is not any official Roblox Level System. Indeed, the gaming platform has not built a leveling system for the overall Roblox account. However, gamers may find “Level” or “Points” systems in particular games on the platform.

2) How much level is considered good?

Obtained from Jaiswal’s level calculator tool, a Roblox level above 60 is considered very good, and above 70 is excellent.

3) Will your Roblox level drop if you don’t play for some days or months?

Yes, there may be a slight or significant drop in your Roblox level if you don’t remain active on the platform and improve the stats.

Disclaimer: This tool is entirely based on the developer’s personal study. GamingSkool is not affiliated with Roblox Corp. in any way. All trademarks belong to their original owners.

Note: This tool is the intellectual property of and it should not be rehosted, modified, redistributed, or reverse-engineered by third parties.

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