Roblox Tax CALCULATOR – Calculate Marketplace Fee


Roblox Tax Calculator

? It is the selling price (in Robux) of the item. Buyer will pay this much amount.
? Amount of profit you will earn after Roblox tax deduction.
? It is the amount of Robux that Roblox will deduct as marketplace fees.

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This awesome Roblox Tax Calculator, or, say, the Roblox Marketplace Fee Calculator will do the maths of finding the selling price for an item on the Roblox marketplace to earn specified profits. Give it a try!

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This is an easy-to-use tool and if you find it confusing, we strongly advise you to read the comprehensive guide below on how to find Roblox (Robux) tax using this fantastic calculator.

How to use this Roblox Tax Calculator?

It is very easy to use this Roblox Marketplace fee (tax) calculator. All you have to do is change a particular value between the selling price and profit and the other value will also change instantly, showing the appropriate results.

This calculator calculates the selling price, profit, and Roblox tax automatically as you adjust the values of the first two fields.

Let’s understand the working of this Roblox tax calculator with a simple example.

Suppose you have an item to sell and you want to make a profit of 200 Robux (R$), then you must enter 200 in the profit box and the calculator will automatically show how much you should set the selling price of the item to make R$ 200 profit.

Roblox tax calculator
Example for using Roblox tax calculator | Image via GamingSkool

Conversely, if you want to keep the selling price of an item at 500 Robux, put 500 in the selling price box and the calculator will instantly show you how much profit per sale you will get after Roblox tax deductions.

It will also instantly reflect how much Roblox has taken or charged as a marketplace fee.

How does Roblox Tax work?

Roblox charges taxes, or, say, fees on every item sold on Roblox in exchange for Robux. It helps the Roblox economy with a steady flow of Robux and ultimately prevents inflation.

Whenever an item is sold on the Roblox marketplace, the seller of the item will receive Robux after a certain percentage of Robux is deducted as tax.

For example, if you sell an item for 300 Robux, you will get 210 Robux and the remaining 90 Robux will be deducted as Roblox tax, which is ~30% of the selling price.

How is Roblox Tax/Marketplace fee calculated?

As of the date of the last update to this tool, Roblox takes ~30% of the selling price as a marketplace fee and the remaining ~70% is given to the owner of the product.

For example, if you set the selling price of an item to R$ 500, you will get 70% of the 500, i.e., R$ 350, and R$ 150 will be the marketplace fee.

i.e., Profit = Selling price * 0.7

FAQs about Roblox Tax

  1. Why does Roblox take 30% tax?

    Roblox takes 30% tax on each item sold on the platform’s marketplace to maintain its economy.

Disclaimer: This is not an official Roblox Marketplace fee calculator. This tax system may change in the future, and those changes may not be reflected immediately in this tool. We try to keep this up to date, but if you believe it is not, please let us know by emailing or leaving a comment on this page.

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